Social media and finding your franchise business

You’re tired of working for the “man.” You want to take control of your life. You want to own your own business. I can help you. First, you’re at the right place. My booklet, Tannerisms, was written for you. In addition to my 30 Tannerims—15 minutes of wisdom that took me 30 years to compile—I also offer several “resources” to consult on pages 68 and 69. I list industry associations, publications, books and funding sources that can be very helpful in your search for the right-fit business to own. I always tell people, “Think before you commit.” And part of your thought process should be talking with people, gathering more information and asking good questions. It’s called—NETWORKING. It’s not new. In fact, today they call it SOCIAL MEDIA. You know what I’m talking about. You know of Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook, you may even have accounts on one or all three. But, I’m going to guess that your interest goes in and out, and your activity goes up and down. If you want to own a business, a career-altering, life-changing endeavor, you better think before you commit. So I’m going to serve up a primer on the three most visible and useful Social Media platforms and tell you to heighten your interest and to increase your activity. You’ll find that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can put you in business and keep you in business.
Gary Trudeau the famous cartoonist of the infamous strip, Doonesbury, once called Twitter a “banal time suck.” He may be right, but the seven-year-old company is worth an estimated $10 billion. Twitter allows you to post a digital message that is no more than 140 characters. Say what you will, but it’s training users to be thoughtful and concise in their posts. Why Twitter for you: Networking has never been as quick and easy. If you have questions, you can get immediate answers. You don’t even have to rely just on your “followers.” There’s a web service, Mahalo, that shares your message with the cloud. Simply send your question to @answers. Twitter can help you keep up with the news. A one stop shop is TweetDeck that’s now available for the iPhone. And, if you find that owning a franchise is not for you, you can even find a job through Twitter: Here is a guide to help you get started finding a job on Twitter. Don’t wait, start tweeting today.
LinedIn is another company that has taken off. It launched May 5, 2003 and in just ten years it has more than 200 million professionals—two signing up every second—in 200 countries and territories around the world. Using the personal and group features, you can improve your visibility and credibility with only a few key strokes. Use your LinkedIn personal profile to tell your story and to sell yourself. Use it to listen, ask questions and gain insights. Market yourself.
Facebook is the elephant in the room. In addition to your professional contacts, probably your most trusted advice and feedback is going to come from friends, close associates and family. That’s the sweet spot for Facebook. Launched in February 2004, there are over a billion users. That is a large sweet spot. Think of Facebook as your home on the Internet. You can leave a message with someone or everyone and even text your friends while working online.
Check out all three Social Media sites. They are available to you for FREE! They are easy to use, some even regard them as fun, but in any case, they will help you connect and improve your chances of making the right decision.

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