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•May 5th, 2016


Greg salutes Hershel “Woody” Williams the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

•May 4th, 2016


Tanner has front row seat to GOP candidate Trump’s West Virginia rally May 4, 2016.

•May 4th, 2016

Peter Doocy

Franchising’s Silver Fox asks a few fair and balanced questions of Fox News’ general assignment reporter, Peter Doocy.

•April 29th, 2016

Joe Theismann

Greg huddles with Super Bowl Champion, football commentator and restaurateur Joe Theismann at the 2016 Multi-Unit Conference in Las Vegas.

•December 31st, 2013

National World War II Memorial

Greg visits the National WW II Museum, the number one ranked attraction in New Orleans.

•November 16th, 2013


Greg with Stan Friedman, Jerry Darnell, Todd Evans, Jack Rickenback and others at the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame induction celebration November 16, at the Carter Presidential Library, in Atlanta, GA.

• November 12th, 2013

Code Talkers

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Washington November 12, Greg met two native Americans one 88 the other 89, who volunteered to serve as Marine Code Talkers, island hopping the South Pacific during World War II, using their native tongue as a means of secret communications. Greg presented commemorative Aaron’s Challenge Coins to both veterans.


Greg on stage November 12, for the US Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes Gala where the IFA’s VetFran program received the “Capital One Award for Small Business Veteran and Military Spouse Employment.” From left: Steve Caldeira, President & CEO of the IFA; Greg; Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient; Joe Lindenmayer, VetFran committee chair and president of TSS Photography; and others with the US Chamber and the IFA.

• September 23rd, 2013


Greg with Kevin Peoples, transition coordinator, Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Benning, GA, after delivering Tannerisms message to soon-to-be military veterans.



Greg with a few of the transitioning military personnel who participated in the seminar.



Greg at work.

• August 15th, 2013


Greg and Todd Evans working with veterans in Fort Worth, TX.

• July 11th, 2013


Greg and Jon Rucker, Military Program Manager for Snap On Tools, meet with military brass at the Pentagon to promote the IFA’s VetFran initiative.


June 13, 2013 Greg marches on Ft. Benning, GA

June 13, 2013 Greg meets with Aaron’s franchise owner Bruce Kemp and military brass at Ft. Benning, GA, about presenting Tannerisms to transitioning veterans as part of the IFA’s Operation Enduring Opportunity.


• May 7th, 2013


Mitch Schlimer, entrepreneur and franchising veteran, hosts Greg on his ”Let’s Talk Business” radio program broadcast from WREK FM studios in Atlanta.

• May 1st, 2013


Greg interviewed by Stan Friedman, CFE and President of FRM Solutions, for the first ever broadcast of “Sensible Franchising” at EpiCenter studios in Atlanta, GA.


Greg and Stan outside the EpiCenter–the Home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame–in Atlanta, GA.

• April 25th, 2013


Aaron’s Vice President, Franchising, Todd Evans, and Greg during the Franchise Times Franchise Finance & Growth Conference in Las Vegas.

• March 28th, 2013


From L. to R. Aaron’s franchise owner and Franchise Update ‘MVP Award’ winner, Spencer Smith; retired astronaut Colonel Mark Kelly; and, Greg at the 2013 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas.

• February 19th, 2013  


Greg with best-in-class PR maven Nick Powills, chief brand strategist for, at the International Franchise Association’s 53rd Annual Convention in Las Vegas February 19.

• February 18th, 2013  


Greg was recognized at the International Franchise Association  convention in Las Vegas,  February 18, 2013, for his contributions to the IFA’s VetFran program. Next to Greg is Mary Thompson, CFE,  President, Mr. Rooter, The Dwyer Group, Committee Chair of VetFran and winner of the  IFA’s Bonnie LeVine Award.

• View the IFA Video Contest Winner:

On September 10, 2012 Greg’s “Lady Liberty” video won the IFA’s Public Affairs “Franchising Votes” award for best Public Service Announcement.

• December 12th, 2012


Greg shares greetings with International Franchise Association President & CEO, Steve Caldeira, during the Ninth Annual Financial Services ‘Good Scout’ Award Ceremony  in Washington, DC.

• November/December 2012  

                Franchise Times Snapshot

• November 9th, 2012

Greg looks on as Joe Lindenmayer, president of TSS Photography and chairman of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran Committee presents a proclamation to military veteran and future franchise owner Gerhard Schulz.

• September 28th, 2012  

                1851 Spotlight Feature

• July 2nd, 2012

                First-ever Franchising Pavilion creates good will and good business

• June 19th, 2012  

                VetFran Revs up Motor City

• May 17th, 2012

                 What Does it Take to Own a Franchise?

• April 18th, 2012

                 Industry Reps Support Vets at White House Meeting

• Spring/Summer 2012

                Franchise Times Superbook Spring/Summer 2012

• November 22nd, 2011

               Guidant at the White House

• November 10th, 2011

               5,000 Jobs for Vets Coming to Georgia

• October 24th, 2011

               Aaron’s Leads Atlanta VetFran Launch

• June 2008

               Franchising World: Thinking Big?

• March 26th, 2008

               Interview with Greg Tanner

• January 2008

               Franchise Times: Behind the Sales

• September 6th, 2007

               Aaron’s Awards 130+ Units in Six Months

From L. to R. A familiar Washington insider; IFA President, Stephen Caldeira; and, Greg at The White House November 21, 2011 to witness President Obama sign the American Jobs Act.

On March 28 Greg appeared on
The Today Show aboard the USS Intrepid in conjunction with the network's "Hiring Our Heroes" initiative and met with New York Mayor Michael
Bloomberg, Dr. Jill Biden of the White House Joining Forces effort, and
Medal of Honor recipient and Marine veteran, Dakota Meyer, pictured above

Greg meets on Capitol Hill with Georgia delegation representatives to lobby for the rent-to-own industry.

Greg (center) and Team Tanner on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol November 9, 2011 after a press conference introducing the IFA’s Operation Enduring Opportunity to veterans and the media.

Greg, his wife, Fran, along with Aaron’s franchise owners and APRO executives meet with Congressional leaders to promote the rent-to-own industry.

Greg presents his Tannerisms message and the benefits of franchising to soon-to-be veterans at Ft. Benning, GA, Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

Greg and his wife, Fran, represented Aaron's at the US Chamber of
Commerce banquet November 14, 2012 in Washington, DC. Aaron's was one five companies across the country recognized for its contribution to
the International Franchise Assdociation's "Hiring Our Heroes"

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