Making a Business Decision Isn’t Without Emotion

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Greg meets with transitioning military personnel at Ft. Benning, GA, to share his Tannerisms and to make them ‘Combat Ready’ for franchising.

One of my hard and fast Tannerisms is #17—Don’t make an emotional decision. Make a business decision. But, that’s not to say your emotions are somehow in check when you’re investigating a franchise; that would be impossible, it’s just that when it comes down to a “yes” vote, it’s all business. It has to be. When you ask yourself, Will I reach my financial goals? you’re looking at the numbers—the Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document and your P&L projections. Throughout the process, however, you’ll be managing your emotions. First, they’re probably running high because of your situation: You may be out of work; you no doubt have bills to pay; and, investing your life savings in a business has your gut tied in knots. It’s also what you’re hearing about the business from the franchisor, franchisees, their customers, your family, friends, even the folks at the country club that has your heart one beat away from intensive care. Then there’s your passion for the business itself. If you don’t feel a deep desire to succeed in the business, why would you sign your name and start writing checks? Your emotions can lead you to a “no” vote, and that’s okay, but it’s been my experience that franchise owners who are successful get to “yes” when and only when the numbers add up.

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