Are you a “Dreamer” or a “Doer”?

In the current online issue of Franchise Update, company President Steve Olson neatly lumps franchise prospects into two categories: “Dreamers” and “Doers.” Steve says Dreamers “envision themselves as happy proprietors of a fun ice cream store, socializing with smiling families raving about their scrumptious hot fudge sundaes in their franchise. They just don’t realize the difference between eating at and owning an ice cream store.” If you are a Dreamer, one of my Tannerisms, #11 was written for you—If it were easy, everyone would do it. Steve pours on the cold hard facts about owning your own ice cream store, or any franchise for that matter saying, “Dreamers love the idea of owning their own business, but fail to open their eyes to the hard realities of working 80 hours a week, fixing broken machines with 10 people impatiently waiting to be served, and two employees on the busiest shift not showing up for work.” If you think owning a franchise is a bed of roses, you’re in for a nightmare. Franchisors are looking for Steve’s “Doers,” individuals who are motivated and driven to commit to a business that they can operate and cash flow within the foreseeable future. I have another Tannerisms, #2—Franchises don’t fail, people fail. A franchisor will provide a road map that if you follow directions—you’re a Doer—you will arrive at your desired destination. Assess your lifestyle wants and financial needs. If you’re willing (and eager) to devote the time and resources to own your own business, you’re a Doer. Proceed. However, if the idea sounds great, but hard work doesn’t come easy for you, you’re a Dreamer. Follow my advice: Franchising is not for you, and that’s OK, better to know it on the front end than on the back end when you’ve lost your money, your family’s support and your self esteem.

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