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How much money can I make?

It’s a simple, reasonable question that complicates life for franchisors. Let me offer this advice: Don’t make the mistake of asking the franchisor or the sales people. They will and should tell you that the FTC prohibits them from giving

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Make sure the franchisor is NOT working out of a trailer with a 40-watt bulb for lighting

This is one of my Tannerisms (#4) that I learned early in my franchise career. “You need to go and visit the franchisor…Be impressed with what you see.” You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into until you see, feel

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Are you a “Dreamer” or a “Doer”?

In the current online issue of Franchise Update, company President Steve Olson neatly lumps franchise prospects into two categories: “Dreamers” and “Doers.” Steve says Dreamers “envision themselves as happy proprietors of a fun ice cream store, socializing with smiling families

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