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If Discovery Day is a sales pitch, beware

That’s my Tannerisms #15. In an earlier blog post, I advised prospective franchise owners that if you are serious about franchising and are about to ink a big check, you must see and touch the people you are going to

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Franchising on the Homefront

I have been to a number of conferences and conventions lately for franchising. The message seems to be overwhelmingly one sided. You should be franchising overseas. Franchisor after franchisor talking about the expansion is global. Don’t get me wrong. The

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Social media and finding your franchise business

You’re tired of working for the “man.” You want to take control of your life. You want to own your own business. I can help you. First, you’re at the right place. My booklet, Tannerisms, was written for you. In

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What business are you in?

What Business Are You In? My Tannerisms booklet is written for prospective franchise owners. If you’re looking for a reason why Tannerisms, I felt it was time that we exited the stuffy jargon and cliché advice—“You’re in business for yourself,

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